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the metaphor of a drama text

THE METAPHOR OF A DRAMA TEXT © Adebesin Ibraheem. (2016) Dear students, on this wondrous day of your lives, I felicitate... View More

teacher on the edge

Being normal has become a bane of our society as what is termed normal is abnormality normalized. “I cannot kill myself”, “w... View More

fulfillment in the classroom

#Vision and #clarityofpurpose are two requirements for anyone to truly excel, they are even more important for us as #educators. ... View More

post covid – 19 education: imperatives for community of practice in teaching by salihu yahaya

(This paper was prepared for presentation at the INTER CONNECTED EDUCATOR – Unveiling of (virtual) event of 5th Dec... View More

expressive education

We spend years telling our students to keep quiet. And then throw them into the world and tell them to ‘speak out’ against inj... View More

leadership and management: driving force for sustainability of schools by dr. mrs. ayodele womiloju

A leader can be described as someone who influences others to act and to do the right thing. A true and right leader will do it ri... View More

professional development; whose responsibility? teacher/employer

I usually get upset when adults are caught playing the blame game. ‘It is your responsibility, not mine’’, they say. It is e... View More

a welcome address

Hello friends and great TeacherX. I am very sure and optimistic that we all have lots of things to benefit from one another. All... View More