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#Vision and #clarityofpurpose are two requirements for anyone to truly excel, they are even more important for us as #educators.

Growing up I saw too many unfulfilled, morose, undervalued Teachers with so much battered self esteem it seemed “Teacher” was a synonym for “bitterness”. #Teaching was therefore the last thing on my mind.

Fast forward to my third year in the University and it dawned clearly that my most fulfilling life can only be lived as a Teacher. This #clarityofpurpose and #vision is what has kept me so long in this noble profession. It is what fuels my passion, and my success.

We have to be clear on what our #vision is in this field, what is our #purpose? Why are we #Teachers? Only when we have these clearly defined would we begin to have #impacts, #fulfilment and #joy in what we do.

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Daveboard (David Oluwadara) is a STEM (Sciences) teacher. He teaches mostlyK-12

students. He is from Nigeria.


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