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You stand on the podium and scream "Praise the Lord."

The congregation replies with a thunderous "Halleluyah."

Most of them are on the edge of their seats. Their eyes are on you as they watch every movement of your body.

Your testimonies are usually captivating, no doubt about this.

You smile at the congregation with a satisfied look. You are so sure the church will go into a rapturous "Halleluyah" when you tell them your first son has "smashed" his O levels.


Hold on.

Pause for just a minute.

Let's rewind, shall we?

Six months ago.

You drove in haste to All Queens and Kings Eatery to meet up with an appointment with Mr Femi.

You made arrangements with him to register your son at one of his Miracle
Centers in the outskirts of the state.

The deal was sealed with a transfer of N100000 from your account into his.

And now, you stand on your church podium to tell a lie.


Dear parents, remember you are putting a generation at risk when you aid your child to pass an examination.

You are teaching your child to:
1).Cut corners.
2).Always seek shortcuts.
3).Be lazy and irresponsible.
4).Downplay the importance of hard work.

It's not too late.

You and I can make a difference.

PS: Don't be caught in the web of deceit.


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Theiconicteacher (Blessing Izuchukwu) is a STEM (Sciences) teacher. She teaches mostlyK-12

students. She is from Nigeria.


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