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This is a question I have been asked too many times to count, and understandably so. Teaching in this part of the world (Africa) is not exactly a fanciful profession - I’m glad this is gradually changing though.

The picture attached is a very apt summary of my answer to this question.

I derive my greatest pleasure as a Teacher when I successfully lead to students to their “Aha moment”. That moment when they get the understanding of a concept, that moment when they get the gist of a topic, that moment when they light up and say; ‘I get it’. That is the moment I call the “Aha moment”.

The joy on their faces, the smiles as they come to an understanding—-that is what I find priceless and that is what has kept me in this noble profession.

It indeed is an immense pleasure to be a part of the growth of these youngsters, to receive them into school as “babies” who can barely find their ways around and nurture and watch them as they gradually blossom, gaining new learning and life experiences till they eventually get launched into the world.

This is why I am a #teacher. A proud one at that.
#Proudteacher #TeacherX #memoirofateacher

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Daveboard (David Oluwadara) is a STEM (Sciences) teacher. He teaches mostlyK-12

students. He is from Nigeria.


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