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the metaphor of a drama text

THE METAPHOR OF A DRAMA TEXT © Adebesin Ibraheem. (2016) Dear students, on this wondrous day of your lives, I felicitate... View More

expressive education

We spend years telling our students to keep quiet. And then throw them into the world and tell them to ‘speak out’ against inj... View More

a welcome address

Hello friends and great TeacherX. I am very sure and optimistic that we all have lots of things to benefit from one another. All... View More

collaboration; the new face of professional competition – the teacher’s perspective.

How do we define the new competition? Winner takes all or one wins for all? 10 teachers went on a professional retreat. Each tea... View More

the eagle teacher

I am like an eagle carrying a box Created by rules of paper works If they say I am a 21st Century Teacher Why do I have so muc... View More