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why are you a teacher?

This is a question I have been asked too many times to count, and understandably so. Teaching in this part of the world (Africa) i... View More

teacher on the edge

Being normal has become a bane of our society as what is termed normal is abnormality normalized. “I cannot kill myself”, “w... View More

steam vs. stem, does 'a' matter?

Did you know 65 percent of today’s students will be working in jobs that don’t exist today? (source) So, if these jobs don... View More

post covid – 19 education: imperatives for community of practice in teaching by salihu yahaya

(This paper was prepared for presentation at the INTER CONNECTED EDUCATOR – Unveiling of (virtual) event of 5th Dec... View More

open education in developing countries – perspectives on inclusion

The word ‘inclusion and or inclusiveness’ had been interchangeably used in different contexts from advocacy of people with dis... View More

let’s reform education - leke alder

My dear son, let’s discuss a little bit of policy this morning, let’s look at the educational system. Your generation is going... View More

professional development; whose responsibility? teacher/employer

I usually get upset when adults are caught playing the blame game. ‘It is your responsibility, not mine’’, they say. It is e... View More

a welcome address

Hello friends and great TeacherX. I am very sure and optimistic that we all have lots of things to benefit from one another. All... View More