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the metaphor of a drama text

THE METAPHOR OF A DRAMA TEXT © Adebesin Ibraheem. (2016) Dear students, on this wondrous day of your lives, I felicitate... View More

why are you a teacher?

This is a question I have been asked too many times to count, and understandably so. Teaching in this part of the world (Africa) i... View More

teaching nugget

The other day, one of my students came to me and said. . . (I paraphrase) "Mr Oluwadara, I really don't like Physics. It doesn't ... View More

bridging the gender gap of the future workforce and developing next generations of stem practitioner

ABSTRACT As we all know that STEM stands for S - SCIENCE , T – TECHNOLOGY, E- ENGINEERING, M – MATHEMATICS. Statistics has ... View More

a welcome address

Hello friends and great TeacherX. I am very sure and optimistic that we all have lots of things to benefit from one another. All... View More

collaboration; the new face of professional competition – the teacher’s perspective.

How do we define the new competition? Winner takes all or one wins for all? 10 teachers went on a professional retreat. Each tea... View More